The Bad Rabbit Studios

Simple but memorable
The Bad Rabbit Studios.
Qu’avons nous fait.
Branding, Graphic & Website.
Website 2021.
Date de réalisation.
July, 2021.
Vancouver, BC. Canada.

Comment cette bonne idée est venue.

The Bad Rabbit Studios was looking for a fun, laid-back brand for their studio.

They do many things: lovers of technology, photography, music, videos. They wanted something simple but memorable.

And we did it!!

The Bad Rabbit Studios
© 2021 The Bad Rabbit Studios

Le détail.

Simple but memorable: Instead of creating a logo with the image or icon of a rabbit, we use typos and lines to give the idea of a sketch, reinforcing the idea of work in progress, movement, and creativity. The website has the same tendency, with big images and slides as a flash insight.

The Website!

The Gallery!

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