Software Development: E-learning intranet platform for the mining industry.
Company name protected by confidentiality agreement.
Qu’avons nous fait.
Software development.
Kursus WebApp!.
Date de réalisation.
September, 2018.
Antofagasta, Chile.

Comment cette bonne idée est venue.

Kursus is an e-learning intranet platform, specially created and designed for a Mining company, to help them train labour and staff in different areas of the industry such as the use of tools, self-protection, and company security rules.
One of the specifications in the brief was the user: most of them are non-tech savvy. Considering this it was a challenge for us to design for them a platform easy to use and easy to follow the steps of a course system. To make this possible, we choose a reduced color palette, organize the information in an easy and natural way to navigate. Also, we include a review forum to listen to the users in the first launch, to make it better.

Le détail.

How we create the brand name. KURSUS: We work with our client to build the brand, something short and easy to remember: kursus, the German word for “course” (English) and “curso” (Spanish), the three languages of the app, and all of them share the same etymology: “cursus” in Latin. COLOR AND TYPO: To transform the idea into a logotype, we use orange. This color is related to confidence, brightness, and success, supported by a bold handwriting font style.


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