Ils aiment ce qu'ils font
GaussLab · Innovation & Development.
Qu’avons nous fait.
Branding, Graphic & Packaging.
Date de réalisation.
September, 2014.
Santiago, Chile.

Comment cette bonne idée est venue.

GaussLab Innovation and Development is a Custom Software Company located in Santiago, Chile.

When the market was full of technology companies branded in blue, their owners approached us because they wanted their company to stand out from the serious tones.

They wanted the company’s vision and values ​​to be imprinted on their brand image. And we did it, the brand and the image take you to young professionals, entrepreneurs, originals, and dreamers.


Le détail.

For “GaussLab · Innovation & Development” we did everything, from looking for an original name, never used before, to give us the opportunity to have all his social networks available.

We created the concept that we were in the laboratory of a famous German mathematician who created formulas that help us from computer science to design, and there we developed the coolest ideas that customers could come up with.

We used the concept “lab” when no one else was.

A high-impact idea that was undoubtedly welcomed by the market.


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